Glitch Text Generator: Make Any Font Glitchy Effortlessly

   Looking for glitchy text? Want to generate your own text glitchy or zalgo texts? Here is great news for you. We are introducing the best and smartest tool which is the best and simple among all glitch text generators. You don’t need to download any mobile application or software. Our web tool is enough to serve all your needs. For using our tool, you don’t need to have any knowledge. Even a person who has very little knowledge can use this simple tool. This simple tool will enable you to be unique across all the platforms wherever you want to use this glitch text generator. If you don’t know what glitch texts are let me explain to you glitch texts are those texts which are mixed with some overlapped random texts. Don’t worry. We will guide you step by step to generate you glitchy text effortlessly.

What Are the Main Roles of Unicode in Glitch Text Generator?


 Glitchy text generator or maker  use unicode, as a result of which you can easily compy and the text that you have created using glitchy text generator  tool and now paste it wherever you want  without any restriction at all. Unicode standard provides a unique number of every character and unicode is an industry standard which manages all of that character you view on your most of electronic devices. This is unicode only which enables the drifting of texts to overlap over and down. This overlapping is the only reason that texts look hacked. Your typed texts are added with other characters and as a result you see glitchy texts.

How Does the Text & Font Generator Works? 

  This generator has been coded on  languages like server side scripting PHP and JavaScript. Which simply means the server our web tool is very fast. You will get you very fast on our site. Once you will start using this tool you will fall in love with this tool because of its very fast speed. You will find your result within seconds. There are lots of tools to generate glitchy texts but the problem with them is their speed. They do not have good speed and they are very complicated to use. And the solution to this is our tool. No doubt this tool is at first as compare to other glitchy text generators.

Copy and Paste

  Grossly looking you will find our tool it’s a type-copy-paste tool where just you have to type or paste your texts and then you have to copy them. This simple tool has the uniqueness of it’s property of copying and pasting. To attract your audiences or for influence and impressing on your social media platforms this simple copy- paste tool would be a gaming changing decision. It has been said,”To create your own identity, you have to stand apart.” And I think, for standing apart our tool is best which will not only help you to grow your audiences but will attract the attention of each person who will go through your profile. Why I am saying this so confidently. I will explain it further.

Glitch Level Controller>Control Glitch Text or Creepy Text

               Now this is one of the best features of our tool. You will get full customization in your hand. You can control your creepy, scary glitched texts. There are four input boxes that will allow you to control the style and size of glitched texts.  You can either add upper glitch or lower glitch or both.To change the style of glitch, there is an option glitch whitespace. And there are other options. In case, if you want to control the size of overlapping, you can type your input in the input box for controlling the size. This is the unique feature which makes this tool very unique and different.

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How To Use This Tool Step by Step?

               This tool is very simple to use. We will guide you step by step how to use this tool.

Step 1- First of all open your browser and type and you will get our tool.

Step 2- Now you will find our tool. There are three input boxes tool on your favourite web tool. One is the main input box titled “Enter Your Text”. Rest two of input boxes are for controlling the size of overlapping.

Step 3- Now type your text in the box titled “Enter Your Text”. And you will get your glitched texts with a clickable button titled “Copy”.

Step 4- NOw copy your texts and paste it wherever you want to paste.

Step 5- If you have already your texts then copy it and get your glitched texts and use it wherever you want, also in discord. In case if you want to control the size of your overlapping then use the rest of other input boxes to customize the size of overlapping by just typing your desire no.

or you can watch this video : Easy way to use Glitch Text Generator 

Who Can Use Fancy Glitched Text Generator and Where?

I think there is no point beating around the bush. The straight answer of this question is anyone can use this tool mostly anywhere. Got stunned! Yes but it can be used anywhere mostly. You can use it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. You can use glitchy texts in the comment box, whatsapp chatting, title or caption. But due to Unicode restriction you can’t use it on the domain of website and email address. You can use glitched text to prank with your friends. The most famous way of using fancy glitches is by sending messages. Irrespective of category, glitchy texts can be used for entertainment, graphic designing, education etc.

    At last I will say using this tool is fun and will give astounding experience. The variety of features will help you to get the best of this tool.